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Existing program of EADA:

  • Non-Formal primary Education
  • Out of school children education programe PEDP-4
  • AILA affected rehabilitation project
  • Disable Development
  • Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)
  • Disaster management
  • Training program
  • Primary Health and Family planning
  • Social Forestation
  • Climate change
  • Formal education
  • Reduction for sever vulnerability in the coastal polder zone through Multi purposes (RSVCP)
  • Early Recovery Project
  • Resilience Agriculture in climate change
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  • Good governance development.
1.Past program:

a) Shrimp Culture and Marketing development through Awareness activities & Vocational Training (SMAV) Project.
b) Emergency relief distribution of the disable of the AILA affected area.
c) Emergency relief distribution of the disable of the SIDR affected area.
d) Prevention of early marriage and dowry.
e) Disable materials disbursement.
f) Education materials distribution among the poor student of AILA affected area.
g) Mother & Child health awareness project.
h)Ensured the pure drinking water through rain water harvesting.
i)Comprehensive Disaster Management Program (CDMP).

2.Operation Area:
District Upazila Union
Shatkhira Kaligonj 12
Shatkhira Debhata 05
Shatkhira Assasuni 05
Shatkhira Satkhira Sadar 02
Shatkhira Shymanaga 04
Shatkhira Kalaroa 02
Shatkhira Tala 01
Khulna Paikgacha 03
Kustia Doulatpur 12
Sirajgonj Kamarkhonda 07
Sirajgonj Kazipur 06
Sirajgonj Sadar 09
Comilla Homana 07
Comilla Titas 05